Shower-Stopper 1/ 2". Suited for all pressurized warm-water heaters. For connecting between the hand shower-spray and shower hose (only with pressurized shower hoses) or between hose and wall-pipe. (for reasons of safety, water should always be run off by closed shower-stop)
loose/bulk - Art. Nr.: 1-650
30 pcs. in display carton - Art. Nr.: 2-650
skin-packed with "Euroloch" - Art. Nr.: 3-650

Shower-Bar - with square spray-holes.
The shower head is removable for easy cleaning.

loose/bulk - Art. Nr.: 1-701
skin-packed with "Euroloch" - Art. Nr.: 3-701

Shower-Bar, as above, but with Shower-Stopper.
loose/bulk - Art. Nr.: 1-751
skin-packed with "Euroloch" - Art. Nr.: 3-751

Hand shower Super Nova, sanitary-chrome, adjustable from a soft shower- spray to a pulsating massage. With a twist of its head,
the flow of water can be broken off.
Can save water with purposeful use.
loose/bulk - Art. Nr.: 1-120
skin-packed with "Euroloch" - Art. Nr.: 3-120

Turbo - Water-Saving Hand Shower. Nearly insusceptible to calcification. Water use: app. 6 liters / min. by 3 Bar water pressure. Showering comfort is not impaired.
loose/bulk - Art. Nr.: 1-119C
skin-packed with "Euroloch" - Art. Nr.: 3-119C
loose/bulk - Art. Nr.: 1-119
skin-packed with "Euroloch" - Art. Nr.: 3-119

Shower Hose Twisting Connector - 1/ 2" Chrome-Plated Brass. The twisting connector prevents crimpling of the shower hose. Saves water through use of a water-saving insert.
loose/bulk - Art. Nr.: 1-691
skin-packed with "Euroloch" - Art. Nr.: 3-691

Hair-Washing "Sink Shower" for connecting to water faucets with adapter. For easy hair-washing, at home and "on-the-go". ca. 100 cm long, with adjustable WasserFix® - Head .
loose/bulk - Art. Nr.: 1-640
skin-packed with "Euroloch" - Art. Nr.: 3-640

Agraff- Shower Hose, Chrome-Plated Brass, 1/2"
Threading, 150 cm long

loose/bulk - Art. Nr.: 1-851
stand-bag packed with "Euroloch" Art. Nr.: 3-851

New Product
... for practical mounting in kitchen, bathroom and toilet with wall - holder
... can be screwed on every tap
... simply push the button if you want to use the shower
... if you do not use the shower head, water flows through the tap as usual
... recommended for rehabilitation of handicapped people, users of wheelchairs,
hospitals and so one as it is simple and comfortable for hygiene and care
loose - Art. Nr.: 1-632

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