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Company Gertraud Engel e.K.
Sanitär-Armaturtechnische-Fabrikation und Vertrieb
Hunnenstraße 29 - D-86343 Königsbrunn - Tel: 08231/96000 Fax: 08231/5522


Gertraud ENGEL e.K.* is one of the leading producers of plumbing and watersaving items as well as of calcium polarizers. The company was founded 1982.

The Gertraud ENGEL e.K.* Company processes and maanufactures up to half a billion components for its products. This huge quantity of components is assembled to products of highest quality, which are sold throughout the world by using the most diversified sales channels - agents, importers, representatives, mail order shops, retailers, wholesalers, to mention just a few of them. Direct response TV Advertisment will be the next step.

From its headquarters in Koenigsbrunn, the Gertraud Engel e.K.* Company is exporting its products in more than 85 countries all over the world.

The products of the Gertraud ENGEL e.K.* Company ensure its buyers highest benefits, both in turnover and in profitable business. This is in part due to the high capacity of Gertraud ENGEL e.K.* Company to deliver the products even in huge quantities in a short delivery time. Whether you need only 1.000 or 100.000 pieces, our company will satisfy your needs in the shortest time.

The Gertraud ENGEL e.K.* Company is fully commited to the idea of quality. Supervised by TÜV and other supervising organisations, the integrity of our products is ensured to the benefit of our clients all over the world.

Our dedicated and well trained team of professionals will always do its best to provide the excellent service we are known for and to meet the expectations of our customers.

Try us - our dedicated staff will be there to help you get the right products for your specific needs.

Send us your enquiries or simply call ++49 8231 960028, fax ++49 8231 960029
We will be there.

(* Complete company name: Gertraud ENGEL e.K. Sanitär-Armaturtechnische-Fabrikation und Vertrieb)