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Stop & Go

Water runs from the tap just when you need it.!

Stop & Go opens and closes the water faucet automatically!
You want to save water and more...

Up-to-date product , environmentally friendly.

With the new FlowFix function you
can also obtain a continuous water-flow.
This function is perfect to fill up your
sink, bucket or to wash clothes. It offers
numerous practical possibilities that
you will enjoy.

Instructions for use:
1)Simply push the plastic flow-stick
to the top and turn it to the right - refer to picture1.
2) The system allowing a continuous
water-flow has been turned on.
3) To switch off the FlowFix system just
turn to the left . You obtain again a discontinous

Perfect for fast-foods, restaurants, pizzerias, hotel kitchen or industries where an automatical faucet is requested. Stop & Go with FlowFix system can be used instead of an electronic water faucet which is much more expensive.

The price of Stop & Go will be quickly written off compared to the saving. Resistant to calcium deposits. Can be simply screwed on all standard faucets. Chromed brass sleeve.

in bulk item-No. 1-809
skin-packed item-No. 3-809
Not suitable for pressureless water systems.
To avoid pressure in the faucets and for security reasons, it is highly recommended to close the warm and cold faucets if you do not use Stop & Go. Even if you do not use Stop&Go, some drops of water can run through the faucet. This is just to remind you to close the faucet.