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The Principle of the Magnetic Calcium-Polarizer

Through the influence of magnetism, the negative calcium ions are changed over into positive ions.
Through this process, the structure of the calcium particles found in the water is changed.
Through such molecular transformation, the catalyst serves to prevent and/or minimalize the inevitable build-up of
calcium in your appliance. As such, the transformed (and unwanted!) calcium particles will be
discharged during the normal run of the water cycle.


Calcium-Reducer for Wash Machines
Calcium is the biggest threat to your dish and laundry washing machines. Calcium build-up on heating pipes reduces the output of your appliance and worsens its energy efficiency.
loose/bulk -
Art.Nr.: 1-804

skin-packed -
Art.Nr.: 3-804


Calcium-Reducer with "Long Life" Water Aerator and Water-Saving Insert
This piece fits all commonly sold water faucets with M 22 x 1 inner-threading and M 24 x 1 outer-threading. Both a water-saving insert and a special water-aerator are fitted to the magnet in the chrome-plated brass housing.
loose/bulk -
Art.Nr.: 1-801

skin-packed -

Calcium-Reducer for Showers
The intermediary piece with built-in magnet has 1/2-inch inner- and 1/2-inch outer threading. This piece is meant to be installed between the shower armature and its hose.
loose/bulk -
Art.Nr.: 1-803

skin-packed -
Art.Nr.: 3-803

...keeps your coffee maker from quick calcification!



Calcium-Reducer against Calcium Build-Up in Coffee and Espresso Machines.
...also ideal for Air-Humidifiers.
The Calcium-Reducer is a magnetic calcium-polarizer. It delivers an effective protection against unnecessary calcium build-up in coffee machines
Simply place the white ring in the cold-water tank of your appliance and fill it up with water as you normally would. Its material is non-toxic and can be cleaned when necessary with ordinary dish-washing detergent.
loose/bulk -
Art.Nr.: 1-800
skin-packed -
Art.Nr.: 3-800




MagnoFix, green magnetic washing ball of Santoprene for washing machines and dish washers. You get substantial savings in washing powder, rinsing fluid and energy

Prevents new calcium deposits.
- Long term action against old scale deposits.
- Environmentally safe
- Brilliant dishes

MagnoFix -loose/bulk - Art.Nr. 1- 807
skin-packed - Art.Nr. 3-807
in display carton (12 pcs.)Art.Nr. 2-807




Calcium - Polarizer
protects the water pipes in your household against
calcium build-up on a long - term basis.
It also removes calcium build - up in water pipes without chemicals.
and without energy costs.

The calcium contained in water can be very costly, as pans, coffee machines, washing machines and the water pipes can be seriously damaged by scale. This problem can be easily solved by using the Calcium - Polarizer for water pipes from WasserFix. This device is to be mounted on the inlet water pipe of your household and fixed with the cable fasteners.
The mounting can be performed by everyone and no tools are required. Suitable for water pipes with a diameter between
1/2"and 2 ". We grant a 5 year guarantee upon the durability of the magnets.

Calcium - Polarizer
loose/bulk -Art.Nr.: 1-824
skin-packed -Art.Nr.: 3-824